This week New York Times best-selling fiction books

The New York Times is perhaps the most important newspaper in the world and for this reason it has become a sort of authority when it comes to the publishing field. When we see “New York Times’ best seller” on a book cover we know that it is a symbol of guarantee. Every week, in the Books section, there is a list of the current bestsellers, divided by category. Let’s see what are the fiction books recommended by the American newspaper for this week.

  1. Fortune and Glory by Janet Evanovich

It is the latest in the series of adventure novels that made the writer famous. The main character is Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter who, in the first novel of the series One for the money, has been laid off from her old job and has run out of money. So she convinces her cousin Vinnie to give her a job at his bond agency. Her job is to find debtors who don’t show up in court and take them to the police.

Stephanie’s latest thrilling adventure begins with the death of Grandma Mazur’s last husband. The old man seems to have left a fortune in addition to an old easy chair. The two, however, will not be the only ones on the hunt for this treasure. They will meet dangerous enemies from the past and a formidable new adversary. The search for fortune and gory will then turn into a race against time that will force the protagonist to deal with her feelings as well.

  • A Time for Mercy by John Grisham

In the third legal thriller starring Jake Brigance, the lawyer will have to deal with the toughest case of his career. Sixteen-year-old Drew Gamble is accused of killing a deputy in Clanton, Mississippi. Almost everyone in town is convinced that he is guilty and want him to be sentenced to death. When Jake learns about the details of the case, he realizes that something is wrong. His commitment to the truth will lead him to do anything in order to save the boy, even at the cost of putting his family in danger. 

  • The Sentinel by Lee and Andrew Child

Lee Child, nom de plume of British author James Dover Grant, takes military policeman Jack Reacher to Tennessee where he intervenes in an ambushes to save an IT manager from four bad guys. The victim’s name is Rusty Rutherford, who has recently been fired after a cyberattack put important information and city secrets in danger. Reacher decides to investigate, getting to uncover a conspiracy.

  • The Return by Nicholas Sparks

The famous author who has been thrilling millions of people with his love stories for years now is back with a new book. Trevor Benson is an orthopedic surgeon who was seriously injured during an attack at the Afghan hospital where he worked. He decides to settle in the old house his grandfather bequeathed to him in New Bern, North Carolina. Here he will run into two very interesting people. One is Callie, a young girl who seems to know something about the mysterious circumstances of his grandfather’s death and the other one is a young local policewoman, Natalie, for whom Trevor begins to have a deep feeling even if he doesn’t want to accept it.

  • The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follet

This is the prequel of The Pillars of the Earth. In this historical novel Ken Follet takes us to 997 CE,  in Combe, in southern England, setting the story in the Dark Ages. In those turbulent times, the lives of three characters intertwine: a boatbuilder who sees his village destroyed by a Viking raid; a Norman countess who falls madly in love with an English nobleman and follows him to his homeland; a monk who dreams of transforming his humble abbey into a center of learning.

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