François-Henri Pinault opens his contemporary museum in Paris

22 years after the entrepreneur and art collector François-Henri Pinault’s plans, his contemporary art museum has been finally inaugurated at the Bourse de Commerce, the former Paris stock exchange building.  The new exhibition gallery, restored through the intervention of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​will house the entire collection of François-Henri Pinault who for over 50 years has collected contemporary works by artists from all over the world. "The idea was to design a lively space that would foster a dynamic dialogue between the new and the old, which is what a site dedicated to contemporary art should be", said Tadao Ando. “It was a challenging construction project, but the team has created a rema...

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Coming soon “The Christmas Pig” by J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling, the well-known author of "Harry Potter", one of the most famous sagas on a world scale, is back on track in children's literature with a new novel entitled "The Christmas Pig". The book will be translated into more than twenty languages ​​and will arrive worldwide on 12 October. As you can guess from the title, the story is set on Christmas Eve and tells of a little boy named Jack, who will do anything to find his favorite toy, a stuffed pig. In the magical Christmas atmosphere, everything becomes possible, for example, toys can come to life. But the lost soft toy does not correspond to the Christmas Pig, since the latter is actually a substitute for the old toy. However, it will be the Christmas Pig who will set up a plan to find Jack's dear stuffed animal. J. K. Row...

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Chernobyl proposed as World Heritage Site

35 years have passed since the night of 26th April 1986, the night of the tragedy that involved the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and, in general, humanity. During these years, man has had to face the consequences of the nuclear disaster caused by a failed test. It was not easy to manage the emergency, including first aid and attempts to contain and prevent contamination, as well as the management of hospitals. In this regard, the WHO writes: "The accident’s radiological and non-radiological consequences affected directly and indirectly the lives of millions of people in Europe. This anniversary offers an opportunity to take stock of lessons learned, reflect on the recovery process, and appreciate once again the heroic efforts of the first responders who rushed to the damaged r...

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