“Teatro dal Verme” announced its online concerts

Yes, it is true, now we always talk about COVID-19, the pandemic and how much our life has changed. School, work, social life, travel and everything that was part of our daily life has been overwhelmed. Even our way of enjoying art has changed. With the closure of theatres, cinemas, art exhibitions and museums, no one has had the opportunity to appreciate art as before. 

Just when things seemed to be getting better, in some Italian regions people are experiencing the same situation as in March. But let us not despair, it is true that being able to participate in a live show, or a concert, but also just being able to sit in an armchair with popcorns to see the latest film released are small moments in life that everyone misses, but during this dramatic moment we can count on the beauty of the culture that surrounds us thanks to the technology. 

Today we talk about the “Teatro dal Verme” in Milan and its initiatives taken to support art and its lovers. Even before the second lockdown, the organization planned to reschedule the concert timetable to allow its guests to return home respecting the curfew. With the announcement of the red zone, the theatre has again closed to the public and in the past weeks it has thrilled spectators with the 76th streaming “Stagione dei Pomeriggi Musicali” (Season of Musical Afternoons), the participants were able to attend the concerts online. But it does not end there, the Theatre has announced the live streaming of an unexpected concert scheduled for Saturday 14 November with the presence of Alessandro Cadario. During the concert, spectators will attend the nineteenth-century works by Richard Wagner, “Siegfried-Idyll” and Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Symphony n. 8 in F major op. 93″. Harmony is what links the two masterpieces and perhaps wants to be comforting in a such troubled moment. With this choice, “Teatro dal Verme” has decided to demonstrate its will and determination not to “abandon” music lovers who currently cannot enjoy this art as before.  

The next streaming appointments are set for Sunday 22, Thursday 26 and Saturday 28 November. 

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