3 cultural experiences not to miss in 2021

The joy of planning, of waiting, the joy of expectations and the joy of our eyes in front of the beauties of the world make the trip even more exciting. Although the pandemic has, for the moment, prevented us from discovering new lands, new cultures and new traditions, our curiosity continues to travel free, taking us around the world. 

For the moment we can take advantage of this “forced break” to plan our next adventures, to plan that trip we have dreamed of so much. 

Today we are discovering three interesting cultural adventures that can be experienced in 2021, pandemic permitting. 

The first trip takes us to Europe, Portugal, a land of navigators and explorers where the beauty of the sun and the ocean mix with the charm of tradition. Vila Nova de Gaia, on the left bank of the Duero, is an unmissable stopover. In addition to a walk along the banks of the river or a mini cruise on the “rabelos” (traditional Porto boats) you can visit the WOW (the World of Wine) which represents a real district with nine restaurants, shops, event spaces, a wine school and six museums. One of these museums is dedicated to wine, one to chocolate, another to cork, another to the history of Porto, one to drinking vessels and the last one is dedicated to fashion, in short, there is something to suit everybody’s fancy. 

“WOW is much more than wine; it is a whole district of new and exciting experiences”. 

From Portugal we move to England, precisely to Coventry. The English city has been chosen as the winner of culture 2021. Until January 2022 the calendar will be full of artistic and cultural activities starting from the inauguration which will be held on May 15, you can also attend the Turner Prize at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, there will be musical events, UK Asian film festivalCastaway and much more. The program is really full of interesting initiatives. 

“It’s a truly special time to be in Coventry and will be an unforgettable year”. 

Now let’s fly over the Pacific Ocean, on the island of Guam, the largest of the Mariana islands archipelago. This paradise with crystal clear waters was discovered in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan and has a long history behind it, it was first conquered by the Spanish and then by the United States, during the Second World War it was attacked by Japan and is currently an unincorporated territory of the United States. Today people speak English and Chamorro, a language that has been influenced by Spanish, English and Japanese. In March 2021, a Spanish ship will stop on this island to commemorate Magellan’s expedition which was the first attempt to circumnavigate the globe. It will be an important event for Guam which will have the opportunity to tell its story, its tradition and show its beauty. 

Now we are ready to organize our next adventure around the world. 

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