The mini documentary “Trailblazer Thailand” takes us across Thailand

Thailand is the land of smiles par excellence, its inhabitants belong to a welcoming and peaceful community and the many shades of this country intrigue thousands and thousands of tourists every year. 

When you arrive in Thailand you have the opportunity to live a thousand different experiences. You go from the chaotic Bangkok, to the natural landscapes of the north, to the paradisiacal beaches of the southern islands, passing through historical parks, museums, temples and hectares of unspoiled nature. The best way to discover this wonderful land is traveling kilometre after kilometre with your backpack by immersing yourself in the culture of this people. 

Today, thanks to technology, we have the opportunity to discover, in a virtual way, something more about the traditions, culture and beauty of this country. On November 24, the last episode of “Trailblazer Thailand” was released, in this miniseries the model and Muay Thai fighter, Mia Kang, takes us to discover Thailand. The three episodes of about 15/20 minutes each are available on Mia Kang’s IGTV Instagram channel. 

On November 10, the first part of the travel was published, it takes us to the north of Thailand, towards Sukhothai, to discover the historical park declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Mia Kang then moves to Chiang Mai to explore the temples and the traditions and to immerse herself in meditation which is a fundamental aspect in the Thai people life. The host shows us the experience of living in close contact with elephants and then takes us to Pai, a city where the many excursions allow tourists to see breath-taking views. 

The second meeting was published on November 17. The trip moves to central Thailand, where the first stop of the tour takes us to the frenetic and modern Bangkok city, among the temples, among the Tuk tuk (the Thai taxis) up to taste the famous street food in Chinatown. Then, Mia Kang stops in Suphan Buri and Kanchanaburi where there are many natural parks and where there is the famous bridge over the River Kwai. 

The third and final episode is available from 24 November. This time we are going to discover the southern Thailand. The journey starts from Thale Noi, the waterfowl reserve which is a protected area where you can admire thousands of lotus flowers, the province Phatthalung is famous for its typical fishing villages. Mia Kang also makes a stop in Nakhon Si Thammarat where it is possible to visit several marine natural parks and finally the travel ends in the loved Samui island. Here, the dream beaches, the turquoise water and the coconut palms make this part of Thailand a corner of paradise. 

Thanks to “Trailblazer Thailand” we travelled through the beauties of a country to be discovered, the mini documentary made us experience the culture and tradition of an extremely fascinating people, even if only for a moment. 

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